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10 Reading Influencers To Follow on YouTube

Do you love watching YouTube? Do you love to read?

BookTube is the best of both worlds. Many reading influencers have turned to YouTube to talk about their favorite books. Here are our top 10 favorites to follow.

1. Sasha Alsberg

Sasha (AKA abookuptopia) is an author, as well as reading influencer.

On her Youtube channel, she talk all about her favorite books, recreates character looks from books, and even speaks on her journey to becoming a bestselling author.

2. Jess Owens

Jess is a bookish Youtuber who makes videos about her favorite books, most anticipated book releases, and drama in the book community.

3. MyNameIsMarines

Marines’ true love is reading and she shares this love on her YouTube channel.

She makes videos about her favorite and least favorite books, book community drama, and book reviews.

4. Reading With Moe

Monique is a book YouTube influencer who shares videos such as book hauls, reviews, and her favorite reads.

5. MG’s Library

MG is an amazingly creative book YouTuber.

She makes creative content surrounding her love of books such as her favorite songs of the year as books, Wattpad reading vlogs, and taking care of your bookish enneagram.

6. Noelle Gallagher

Noelle is a Bay Area-based book YouTuber. She makes content about her favorite books, books she wants to read, and book recommendations for certain genres.

7. Beautifully Bookish Bethany

Bethany is a book influencer that makes videos such as short romance recommendations, book hauls, and book reviews.

8. BooksandLala

Kayla creates content on YouTube revolving around her love of reading.

She creates videos such as ranking books, reading vlogs, and book tags.

9. PageswithPaige

Paige creates YouTube videos all about her favorite books. Some of her content includes her favorite fictional couples, book hauls, and her most suprising reads.

10. PersueProject

Regan loves talking about books- which is why she is the perfect book YouTuber!

Some of Regan’s content includes how to read more books, her favorite romance books, and book hauls.

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