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3 Beauty Careers You Can Start From Home

3 Beauty Careers You Can Start From Home

Many people in the beauty industry are offering services from the comfort of their own homes. There are no limits to the success you can have if you can provide a great service to clients. Here are three beauty careers you can start from home.

Makeup Artist

The first beauty career that you can start from home is a makeup artist. If you have a love of all things makeup and glam, then consider a career as a makeup artist. You can offer makeup services to women for weddings, date nights, proms, and other various special occasions. With the right certifications and tools, you can set up a makeup business right in the comfort of your home. If you can market strategically, you can build a loyal clientele and perform your services.


A hairstylist is the second beauty career that you can do from home. Home salons are more popular today than ever. People everywhere enjoy visiting home salons for all their hair styling needs. If you have a knack for cutting, styling, and coloring hair, then this is a career option for you. However, you will need the proper certifications and licenses to run a home salon. Once you have the required material, you can start offering client services from your home.

Lash Artist

The third career in the beauty industry that you can do from home is a lash artist. Eyelash extensions are becoming all the range in modern times, and women worldwide are enjoying the extra length, lift, and curl they can get from extensions. If you choose to work from home, there are several ways you can build your clientele as a lash artist. You can draw in clients to try your services with strategic marketing and a strong online presence. Before you know it, you can have a successful business from home, working as a lash artist and providing clients with the eyelashes of their dreams.

Now that you know three careers in the beauty industry to start from home, you can find the right fit for you. With the right drive, ambition, and certification, you can build your beauty business with confidence and success.

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