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3 Mistakes ALL Service Providers Are Making

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This month on the Yay for Business podcast I’m sharing three HUGE mistakes all service providers are making. In today’s episode, I’ll give you the context for where these mistakes come from and how they’re showing up in your business. Then in the next three episodes, I’ll dive deep into each mistake and explain how you can beat them.

I used to think there were only two options for service providers: You were booked out or you weren’t. But after years of working with entrepreneurs and starting my high-ticket coaching program, Yay for 100K, I learned that being booked out and not being booked out are the same thing. Just because you’re booked out doesn’t mean you’re not burned out. And it doesn’t mean you’re still not making some big mistakes in your business!

In today’s episode, we’re specifically covering :

  • Two belief systems that are causing us to get stuck in mindset traps
    • Belief number one: “I’m responsible for other people’s happiness.”
    • Belief number two: “My needs are less important than the needs of others.”
  • Mistake #1: Pricing
    • Why money is the water and lifeblood of your business
    • What do you need to charge to meet your financial goals
  • Mistake #2: People pleasing
    • What people-pleasing looks like in your behavior
    • Unfounded fears with people-pleasing
  • Mistake #3: No boundaries
    • How boundaries are all about protecting your energy
    • How the quantity of your work affects your boundaries

Along with the quantity of work, a lot of service providers have problems with client capacity. This means taking on more clients than you can handle and not having the right pricing. If this sounds like you, be sure to go back and listen to the episode Scheduled Smackdown for Service Providers. 

Be sure to tune in next week when we discuss how to price your services and the mindset strategies you need to become a successful service provider!

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