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3 Tools to Help Your Members Engage Inside Your Community

sweet tools that you can use.
Thio, help your members engaged inside your community.
Okay, so the first tool is the one we are on right now, which is Facebook, right?

A lot of people use Facebook groups, uh, you know, for various reasons.
Main reasons out that a lot of people are already on Facebook so they can see the notification.
They can just jump pain and participate.

You know more easily because they know the platform.
Really Well, okay.
The downside of Facebook is that well, you don’t have control of the platform, right? Facebook and close your group.

You know, things happen.
It has happened to me.
Certainly, Andi, um, it’s just to feed.
People can get distracted, you know, because their own Facebook and the other notifications, they might not be as focused on the business.

And most of all, I think it’s very far from your content, right? So if your content is on the membership side going online course and then people come to Facebook, then basically the content and the description doesn’t sit on the same platform,

the same location, right? So that can be a problem as well.
The second tool that you can use is a forum.
So there are some membership solutions out there that used forums like I p board that are, you know,

that really, really well where the, you know, communities engaged and things like that.
But the downside of these solutions is that you really have to work hard at getting people to actually come more often than just when they need to ask a question, right?

The whole point of the communities that you come and you check in regularly, and you just don’t come to ask questions.
You also help people write about helping each other and checking in regularly, right?

So it’s a happy that you have to give to your members, and that can get tricky.
Often you have community managers that are here to engage, you know, with people.
Onda also,

you know, monitor you know, the discussions and things like that.
So for people that have a membership that is heavily based on community, ah, foreign makes sense, right,

because that’s what people are signing up and staying for besides the content.
But it’s not a solution for everyone.
It can be expensive.
It can be hard to set up if you want to integrated with your content, your existing content,

your membership solution, um, so not a solution that you know people necessarily want to go with.
There is a third solution that we’ve actually created that we call conversations.
And these conversations.

Basically hello, you, in my mind to have the best of both swirled so it sits inside your member area, so it’s right next to your content.
So that means that it can be really focused, right,

so people can have a conversation and exchange right where your content isso say, for example, you have a minute call.
So you have a video.
You could totally have a conversation right below that right where people can engage with each other.

you know, ask question, and they can also download the whole conversation once it’s done.
So if the influence super valuable, they can just click and download it as a text file and they can keep it on their computer, something that you can’t do on Facebook,

right? It’s just going to disappear.
So the great thing about the conversations is that it really allows you to have it with your content, so it’s really on point.
It’s focused.

It’s not on social media.
So it’s really gonna be about business and about a specific lesson or topic right where the content is and right below you can have that conversation.

so you can make it really, really super focused, right? And it’s not something that they’re gonna have to go outside or, you know, like a forum where it’s gonna be where they’re gonna have to think about going and finding the right threat to pose.
The right question is gonna be right there.

So we just share my screen and show you what it would look like because e think that would be much easier.
Um, for you to see.
So let me see.
Um, here we go.
Let me just share my screen screen share.

Okay, so hopefully you guys can see my screen here, and basically, what this is is a free quotes, but it could be, you know, a piece of content.
And what you can have is this section here at the bottom that could look like sometimes you have comments, uh,

you know, like facebook comments or work price comments.
Except that here you can get notification so you can make it so that the teacher or the admin can be notified when somebody posts the question.

and then here you have this button where people can actually download the whole conversation as a tax file, and you can also archive this conversation.
So it’s a great way for people to engage, whether this is for paid content off for free content.

So say, for example, you’re doing a challenge or free video Siri’s.
Then you can have this conversation piece right below your videos, and people can post comments.
But they can also ask question.

They can post for accountability and things like that.
So it’s a great way to keep people engage very close to your content compared to if they were to go on the forearm, even if it’s on the same side or if they were to go on Facebook.

Okay, so you can add it to free content.
You can add it to pay content, and you can also have a page that could be this dedicated to discussions, right? You could have a block for course.

block per membership levels so you could, you know, selectively decide who has access to what conversations.
Okay, so we actually build this because we saw a need and people were telling us, Well,

I don’t want a forearm, Baby Press looks ugly.
I people board looks like it’s overkill.
What solution do I have if I want people to be able to ask questions and interact with each other? So that’s what we came up with,

and we’re getting rid feedback so far.
So if you guys have any comments, let me know what you think.
We found that this is also super helpful for coaches because we have the option to turn it as private, meaning that it turns into a one on one conversation between you and your coaching client.

So that is awesome, because you can eliminate emails, and then you can just have a conversation with your one on one client just with this conversation piece.
So if you have any questions,

puts them in the comment below.
I will be posting a link so that you can find out more about this conversation piece and I’ll see you next time

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