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4 Common Mistakes With Hashtags — Miocoa Strategies

> Is It Too Popular?

When using popular hashtags, you are competing with other brands for your audience’s attention in a high traffic area. Popular hashtags tend to update every few seconds, making it easy for your content to be missed. Instead of using popular hashtags, utilize targeted (or branded) hashtags that reflect your specific content. Try using keywords within your industry to attract your desired audience. This will land your posts within reach of your ideal consumers.

> Do I Really Need Hashtags?

Hashtag intimidation is a very real thing. But, you can’t afford to neglect hashtags. Hashtags help close the gaps in your communications strategy. Consumers now have the option to search and follow hashtags, making content easy to find. Too often we watch brands and businesses neglect hashtags because they don’t understand them.

> Am I Using Too Many?

We understand you want to reach every potential customer you can but, using too many hashtags can actually hinder you from this. You’ll need to implement a real actionable strategy to connect with your audience while using hashtags. The key to successfully hashtagging is to trim your hashtag usage to 13 hashtags on Instagram, 2 on LinkedIn/Facebook and 2-5 on Twitter.

> Should I Mix It Up?

You shouldn’t post the same hashtags on every post. Redundancy actually limits your reach and decreases the effectiveness of using hashtags. By diversifying your hashtags, you can increase your chances of reaching new potential customers. It may help to create a bulk list in your notes app, opposed to creating a new list each and every time you post new content.

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