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5 Tips To Grow Your Online Business in 2021

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Happy new year!

I’ve never been more ready for the new year. Lord have mercy. 2020 was intense.

Now that the new year is here, we have to make the most of it and that includes making some changes to how we conduct business to have the biggest impact possible.

The reality is that we can’t expect new results by doing the same thing over and over again.

That is why the best thing you can do is work hard smart.

Things are constantly changing online and that is why I want to direct your attention to the best ways you can grow your online business in 2021.

These strategies have worked for me in coaching, promoting my info products, selling physical products via top e-commerce channels, attracting speaking engagements, and so much more.

Whether you are new to the online space or you are a seasoned entrepreneur, it is no secret that success leaves clues.

So after a decade as an entrepreneur, having had clients in 20 + countries, doing millions in sales in 2019 alone in e-comm products, and living in my dream locations, I want to breakdown for you what to focus your attention on.

Tip ONE:

Make space in your life for success.

If you are wasting time on Netflix or complaining about your lack of results 24/7 on social media, then little to no training can help you.

You’ve got to show up and be consistent with your business with the best attitude.

Someone reading this blog will actually consider themselves very productive and will gasp at the idea of wasting time.

But there are many things in your life that are keeping you “busy” but not profitable. **insert hair flip**

So for you to complete this step successfully, you will have to cut the fat out of your life.

Be honest with yourself… this is a judgement-free zone.

Mini tip: Only judge your strategy- not yourself.

Are you spending hours on Instagram or Youtube without seeing an increase in sales for doing so? (Yet you justify scrolling on social media because you have an “online” business)

Are you buying all the business books but not reading any of them?

Are you joining endless FB groups without thinking about how to add value to your own?

Are you working long and endless hours without seeing results or are you avoiding work completely?

If you can relate to these scenarios or any other combination of them, you’ve got to change.

When you stop to work ON your business, you will see more success IN your business.

Here’s the thing…..

I don’t just make changes, I also practice what I preach.

So let me tell you what some of the non-negotiable changes are that I made this year already….

  1. I will work to double my income while adjusting to only work Monday- Thursday from 10 am to 4pm. Fridays will be my optional catch up day. (This will force me to get more results in less days)
  2. I will go to the gym every morning from Monday- Friday and workout from 30-90 minutes. (health is wealth)
  3. I have committed to train and equip my team further to feel empowered to work at their highest capacity whether it’s one of my workdays or not. (If people are only high performers when you are around, you are not in leadership mode and are instead stuck in management mode)
  4. I am re-committing to reading a book a week. (I read a book or so every 2-3 weeks last year and I want to get back into my routine of 1 a week)
  5. I am working with my coaches to launch my new year and make sure that a ton of attention is paid to all aspects and details of my business (entrepreneurs that invest in themselves go further)
  6. I am re-opening select e-courses in my training library for enrollment throughout the year and re-opening slots for entrepreneurs to join my coaching program. (I am a firm believer that there is a purpose in my experience and a huge part of it is to share it with others to make their journeys easier)

Now it’s your turn!

What can you do to increase your productivity and trim out of your life things that keep you busy but not profitable?

Tip TWO:

Get rid of your to-do lists asap.

Sounds crazy from a productive person like me right?

To-do lists became a prison for me so I had to get rid of them.

Here’s what happened.

I would have completed a tremendously productive day but there were always things still left to do on my list.

These remaining tasks took up my focus, distracted me from feeling proud and grateful for all I had done that day, and pushed me to keep working when I was exhausted and drained after a long day.

No matter how hard I worked, I still had more to do.

I felt small, avoided working out (because it was “irresponsible to be away from my desk”), and spent more hours a day than I care to admit in my t-rex pose typing.

With the best of intentions, I was implementing the worst strategy possible- burnout 101.

Entrepreneurship can be intense and hard but it should never negate you the freedom to be human and live.

So I made some changes and the biggest one was to get rid of my highly coveted post it notes, notepads, and endless sticky notes.

I replaced that hot mess of exhaustion and endless things to do with my calendar.

My calendar has limits, whereas my white sheet of paper went on and on like the line for toilet paper in 2020.

So here is how it works now. I work from 10 am to 4pm. I guesstimate how long tasks will take and I add them to my calendar.

I dare you to get rid of your to-do list and add income producing actives to your calendar.

If a given task is so lame, boring, and useless that it shouldn’t be in your calendar, then delete it out of your life or outsource it.

This was such an eye opener!

Wait…. Do I really want to add 10 hours a day to learn how to code on my website or do I want to add 10 minutes to my calendar to hire someone to do it for me?

What will help me focus on my goals more and as a result help me crush my goals like I crush cooking Cuban food?

The answer to that question has led me to improved sleep, more inspiration, less perspiration, increased creativity, a better mood, and endless freedom to live it up. And it’s still January… imagine the glowing skin and aspiring 6 pack that will come of doing this for the entire year.

Warning: In the beginning you won’t be in JLO mode with a glam squad and a personal assistant that knows how you like your guac order. It will be messy, you will need to be flexible, and you will need to be willing to adjust. Be willing to get through the learning curve. (Personal Example: I used to want all mornings off and to work all afternoon but it got complicated with the time difference in Miami Beach and people I meet with in Europe and African countries. I made a small pivot and I am loving it!)

Tip Three:

Tech, tech, tech.

I figure the reason you don’t want to put your phone number on a billboard is because you don’t want to be available 24/7 to answer the phone to strangers.

But I bet you do want the phone to ring or for Zoom to be booming with client calls.

Here is how you do it without an awkward sign on the side of the highway…..


Without systems and structures, I couldn’t collect leads, take payments, or get new followers while I sleep.

I’m no genie and I don’t have super powers (although people who have eaten my cooking might take you to court for saying that lol).

I have set up my business for success.

A combination of people, tools, and resources make the world go round for me.

For some reading this, it will be as simple as adding a calendar to start.

Others will need to add software or programs (free or paid) to make your life easier.

Two of my favorites are Clickfunnels and Convert kit.

Check them out. I can go more in depth into what I love about them in another blog if you are interested.

You won’t ever replace people in your business. You will always need to show up and show out.

But thanks to tech, you can accept payments, generate leads, run ads, create graphics, make sales, and so much more.

Want help setting up your online business? Fill out this form for a strategy session to learn how I can help with my coaching program here.



You need as many eyes on your business as possible.

I’m not talking about sitting in traffic with your car’s bumper sticker doing the promotions for you…

I’m talking about growing your business around the world thanks to ads.

Online advertising completely transformed my business.

But not all ads are created equal.

Sometimes your ads will be awesome but your offer will be stiff like old bread.

The whole system has to work for you to make sales in your sleep.

So what I am trying to say is have an amazing value-driven video or post to get the most out of traffic.

At the end of that video or post give people an opportunity to keep learning from you via your paid programs.

Then the magic comes when that video (that is driving sales and adding tons of value to the world whether people buy or not) is shown to your ideal customers around the world….even while you sleep.

I call this a money making unicorn Digital Asset.

That is why I love ads to promote my Digital Asset.

Without being one of the Real housewives or being on TV daily, I have trained hundreds of thousands of people successfully.

You don’t have to break the bank to do this and can start with as little as $5 a day.

This is so important that I think that setting this up should take up most of your time and then you should obsess with promoting your Digital Asset.

Wake up and put in the effort and time now into your business so you can make sales in your sleep later.

If you are not part of my FB group, the Digital Asset Incubator where you can ask questions and meet like-minded entrepreneurs, click here to join now.


The more you learn, the more you earn.

As a coach, I have a team of coaches that help me with a variety of things.

I also have team members that depend on me to lead them to focus their time on the right things so that together, all team members can achieve great results.

If that doesn’t happen, the business doesn’t grow.

If the business doesn’t grow, you can’t hire more people or keep the ones you hired.

Since I am not a trust fund baby you better trust that I am always learning and improving.

So as you can see.. learning is important but implementing is key.

The coaches don’t learn or do anything for me.

I have to show up and take action.

There are so many ways to learn.

Youtube, books, podcasts, magazines, blog posts, FB groups, my emails (wink wink), and so much more!

But if you’re like me and you don’t want to go around the internet on a scavenger hunt digging for information from a credible source, then you are going to love this…

I created this program for people who want to go from overlooked to overbooked with their coaching business.

Get the program here for 90% off now.

Between you and I…..

It’s so much easier for me to be behind the scenes pushing my clients to shine a light on the world.

And I’m not sharing this with you to impress you but to impress upon you what is possible.

But if I have learned anything these past 12 months is that the more you share what you know, the more lives you can change faster.

I’m the worst. I hardly post to promote all my wins. Not exactly the vibe marketers usually give. 😂

💪My comfort zone is to work.

If I didn’t tell you, you would have no idea that I generated over 100k leads this year.👸

My husband and I got non profit status for our new foundation. 🙏🏼

I’ve been working my butt off for our international company that hasn’t once been out of products or sold out (during a pandemic) and we are still shipping.

Not to forget that the South African government deemed us an essential business. 🥰

Focused and by adding value on YouTube, I got thousands of new subscribers and leads in a month. 🍾

My new Instagram page in Spanish is only months old and is already bigger than the one I’ve had for years. 🤣

Launched a new e-commerce brand with a celebrity collaboration and am helping others start their own skincare line. (Pinch me!)

But I’ve got to open my mouth and shout from the rooftops so you can also see these blessings.

So people can see the work behind the curtain of ocean views and jet-setting.

Time to win and get loud about it so that you can learn and do the same.

Funny enough….

It’s not about me. There is a bigger purpose behind me stepping up and speaking life over myself and others. 😉

It’s time people start seeing women and especially ethnic minorities winning. 

It’s time people who look like me, sound like me, dress like me, (and maybe even dance like me) see someone else winning. 💞

I want to show people the journey, the highs, the lows, and the opportunities to grow.🥳

You can have it all.

No matter your race, socioeconomic status, or any other strength that others will try to weaponize against you. 🕯

You were born with a purpose. The more we all live out that purpose, the more we unlock possibilities for others. 📚

So watch what I’m up to and pay attention. ❣️

I’m not here for the applause.

I want you to watch so you can copy what I do step by step and win for you and yours. 🥰

Big goals with a big purpose are the new norm around here. 👏👏

You see…

It’s not your fault if you didn’t come from a rich family.

But it can be because of your choices that a rich family comes from YOU.

Rich in work ethic, resources, wisdom, connections, and more. 🤩 stay tuned.

You can have it all.

Get to it!

Your favorite coach,


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