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Amanda Hearst Leads The Future Of Fashion Summit 2.0

Last month, we spoke with Amanda Hearst when she was getting ready for her annual WELL BEINGS/ Charity trip for her 2021 campaign: Save the Mangroves, Save the Ocean in Puerto Rico. In addition to saving the ocean, here is what the sustainability trailblazer and philanthropist is up to these days. 

On September 10th, the sustainable fashion platform she co-founded with Hassan Pierre, Maison de Mode, hosted the Future of Fashion Summit 2.0, a one-day conference held on the 44th floor of The Hearst Tower. The summit was composed of groundbreaking keynote discussions, in addition to impactful Q&As with designers, editors, and cultural figures.

Hosted by Nicky Hilton Rothschild, attendees talked about sustainability with some of the fashion industry’s most inspiring and notable figures, including Gabriela Hearst, Adam Lippes, Quannah Chasinghorse, Jonathan Cohen, Stellene Volandes, Hilary Taymour, Erin Dempsey Lowenberg, Marina Testino, and Micaela Erlanger. 

“The world is producing way too much way too fast. It is not sustainable. We all have to do our part to ensure we leave this world a better place for our children, their children, and so on,” says Hilton Rothschild.  

When asked why sustainability is essential, the Founder & Designer of her namesake label, Gabriela Hearst, answered with a simple “Is survival important?”. 

The FoF Summit 2.0 aimed to provide insight into the significant environmental issues facing today’s fashion sphere and the best technological advances and other solutions to offset our impact. How can the industry come together to heal the damage that has been done over the years? Here is what some of the speakers have to say:

“Circularity requires reconsidering every aspect of how we design—from which materials we use, to how much product we bring to market, how can we breathe new life into what already exists in the world?”- says Erin Dempsey Lowenberg, who spoke about “Designing the Change” with Town & Country Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Stellene Volandes. 

“Today more than ever, sustainability must be innovative and creative to stand out and engage with consumers. In doing so, they become more conscious and aware, which leads companies to react faster. For instance, it is unusual for younger generations to read reports on the climate crisis, but they constantly scroll through social media. Having campaigns that break down the complexities of sustainability in a fun, artistic, and cool manner while, at the same time, being informative is crucial nowadays. We need to push creative messaging around these subjects to achieve a more sustainable future.”- Marina Testino.

Amanda’s philanthropic work ties nicely into her love for fashion and the environment. As an ally against climate change, Amanda plans to continue pursuing her passion and involving different actors at every level to help educate and involve consumers and donors worldwide.

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