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BHLDN Celebrates A Year Of Making Plus-Size Bridal Wear

Though the pandemic has shaken up the bridal industry, one of the biggest struggles for plus-size brides remains the same: sizing availability. Enter Anthropologie’s sister company, BHLDN. The brand is celebrating an important anniversary. In 2020 they made over half of their bridal and bridesmaids styles available through size 26W.

Lori Conley, General Merchandise Manager at BHLDN, says that she’s no stranger to the all-too-familiar story of the bride who is forced to sacrifice her wedding day dreams simply because of her size. “When I joined BHLDN two years ago I made adding plus-sizes one of my first priorities to roll out to make the brand accessible to more customers.”

The bridal wear category is infamous for sparse availability and sizing that runs small. Of this fact, Conley reflects, “Having worked in the industry for over a decade, I have always hated the fact that (with) many bridal brands… you actually have to seek out gowns that are likely one or two sizes larger than what you’re used to in regular clothes.” Conley says that BHLDN “stands apart from the pack” because their sizing is more aligned with ready-to-wear clothing sizing than other bridal brands. Whatever size you are at Anthropologie will also be your size for a BHLDN wedding gown.

“For us at BHLDN, (sizing) was a must to solve for as we observed and heard from a population of customers seeking the unique perspective of a BHLDN gown, but unable to be serviced by our prior size offering. We worked hard with established vendors and sought out new ones to ensure we could deliver not just plus product, but a best in class plus fit.”

One year after launching the extended sizing offering, Conley says that BHLDN is looking to expand their plus-size selection and availability. “Today, one in 10 of our customers is plus-size, but we look forward to growing that opportunity even more.”

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