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Commit to the Journey, Not the Destination

You can count on one hand the number of days until the New Year. It’s the time of year when you look back at what was and plan for what is to be. Often your plans will involve identifying your destination, but today I want you to commit to your journey.

Right now, you’re here, reading my words, because there’s a dream in your heart that is whispering away to you.  Deep down in the core of your heart you know that before you were born you had a calling, you had a destiny placed over you.  It’s the dream God has placed inside of you and it’s whispering about the destiny created for you.

You’re here because you want to embark on your journey to reach your dream

Commit to Achieve

You may be hesitating, thinking about a pandemic or other global crisis that may come our way in the future. But you must look beyond the immediate situation placed in front of you. There is more for you to achieve in your lifetime. And today is the day you need to plan for it. You can choose to bring excuses for not achieving into the New Year.  Or you can choose to step out to attain your destiny. Whichever you choose, the New Year will bring to you what you bring to it—excuses or accomplishment. So commit to achieve.

You have a calling. There’s some level of success that’s yours that you’re supposed to achieve on this Earth. It’s your success, no one else owns it or can take it away from you.

But you will, if you keep ignoring your calling or if you keep getting ‘in your own way’ with excuses, lack of personal belief, and believing others when they question what you’re doing and tell you you can’t achieve. 

Believe there’s something much bigger than you, pushing your dreams and aspirations forward, and I’ll even go as far back as saying, encoded you

But my question to you is this, what are you doing right now to commit to your calling?

Commit to the Journey

Don’t cease your journey before you start it. Don’t deceive yourself with the myth that your destination is too hard to attain. Because let’s be honest, it’s not the destination that you need to commit to, it’s the journey getting there. 

The last time I checked, when most people hit a certain level of success, it ends up being short lasting. You’ll grow more as a person while you’re in the process of reaching your destination than when you’ve come to your journey’s end.

Press In—Embrace Your Journey

There are times when you’ll want to throw in the towel because you feel that you’re failing to reach your dreams. But you need a level of reality in your journey. There will be times when you feel that you’re failing. And while that’s completely normal, it is equally important that you recognise that emotion as fear.

‘The thing is that we often use our emotions as an excuse for why we’re supposed to give up or hold back from our destination. But they’re actually the reason why you need to press in.’—Shanda SumpterClick To Tweet

When you recognise your emotions are running away with you and bringing you down, that’s when you need to anchor yourself in with where your journey is today. Commit to where you’re heading but focus on where you’re at at this moment, directly on what is in front of you.

If your journey was a straight line, imagine how much about yourself you wouldn’t know. Your journey won’t be a straight line. Sometimes there are emotional or operational roadblocks and obstacles in your path to help you level up, to help you be a stronger person, to help you commit to be a stronger person for the journey ahead of you and for the people who need you.

Don’t Travel Your Journey Alone

Travelling your journey in isolation won’t work. You’ll find it is lonely, slow and frustrating. Connect with others so you can share your anxieties, fears, plans, successes, happiness. Learn from the stories other people tell you, become wiser from their mistakes and their achievements.

I’ve said it before, and I will keep saying it, find yourself a coach; someone who will help you stay focused, plan with purpose and hold you accountable to the things you commit to. If you don’t already have a coach then commit to your journey by letting me know in the comments section below or in our Facebook group.

“The last time I checked, God wants you to play such a big legacy game that he wants you to be able to accomplish it with others.”—Shanda SumpterClick To Tweet

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