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Hold the World in Your Heart — Annapurna Living

My husband makes me tea every morning.
This is an act of devotion that I hold so dearly.
As I emptied the dishwasher for the 2nd time today,
I cast a glance at these cups and all they hold.
I placed them on my shelf with reverence
I decided to place them in reverence—
I choose to receive my tea each morning with
Humble and deep thanks.

These cups hold everything.
They are a simple embodiment of the love we have here in our home.
Even when tensions are high, they hold the tea.
Through the good and the bad, they hold the tea.
The steadiness of this man, his tea and his love hold me up, and they are met with my devotion and heart.

The art of loving, of living
Is standing right before us in every single moment.
It is so simple that it is sometimes hard to even see.
It is woven into the fabric of our very breath and being.
To see it, take a breath.
To feel it, close your eyes.
To know it, give it freely.
To love it, let it be just as it is.

Pour the tea and pour the love.
Hold the world in your heart or just in your cup.

Let love lead the way

Into a new world.

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