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How This Fitness Guru Grew Her Business By Reinvesting Money Back Into It

Eight years ago, Massy Arias started a fitness routine as a way to manage her depression. Little did she know at the time, she was would be taking that coping skill and turning it into the massive business that it is today.

Massy turned her new fitness obsession into a means of helping people. She started training clients in New York City and went from training people in Central Park to building a digital platform, MA Elevate Program, where clients can train with her virtually. 

Not only is it a training platform, but MA Elevate is also an all-inclusive health and wellness platform to access information on all things wellness. You have contact with experts like behavioral psychologists, gynecology, nutritionists and have contact with so many more health professionals.

In addition to having this 360-health platform, Massy is the Founder and CEO of Tru Supplements, offering the cleanest and most effective natural supplements to improve health and fitness for everyone.

Not only does the product line include an array of health benefits for women, but Massy expanded the line to ensure it was a safe and effective line for pregnant moms, children and up through to older adults.

Massy has built a massive following on social media and a loyal client base.

Through growing her business and facing challenges, Massy has turned those into lessons that have helped her build the successful business she has today. 

Massy shares these tips with you:

1.    Put together an innovative product

There is no need to reinvent the wheel, but you need to put a spin on the product or service that you are offering that will enhance the customer experience in a way that is not already available for them. This requires you to be creative and think outside the box.

2.    Expand your target audience by being more inclusive

By this, Massy means you need to ask yourself if there is a way to expand your current customer base that fits your business model. For example, Massy went from training and creating a supplement business to help her clients’ health. But it didn’t end there. Massy also found a way to include pregnant moms, children, and older adults. By expanding her client base, she can generate more product revenue for the business.

3.    Consider options when expanding your visibility and reach

Over the years, marketing has become innovative and diversified, and many companies are using different means of marketing and getting their message out into the world. A common method is using influencers. An influencer is someone who has a massive social media following who you can create a partnership with to promote your product. If you are considering partnering with an influencer, ensure your values are aligned and their following reflects a good customer base for your products and services. Just because someone has a following of millions of people doesn’t mean it will translate to sales for your product.

4.    Reinvest the money back into your business

This is an essential tip for when you are building your business. Funds can be incredibly tight when you are starting your business, and if you are planning for growth, and profit that you make in your business needs to be reinvested. You should not grow a business on borrowed money. Investing in your business offers a return very quickly when you are committed to growth.

The bottom line is that building a business is a constant challenge where overnight success happens to so few entrepreneurs. Building a business requires resilience and dedication to your idea and vision. It usually takes years for a business to become an overnight success, but when you manage your business money from the beginning, you have an excellent chance for success.

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