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Is Your Business Prepared For The Next Social Media Outage? — Miocoa Strategies

2. Drive Traffic to Your List (time consuming and slow-moving)

Driving traffic to your e-mail list can seem daunting, especially with a small following or disengaged audience on Instagram. To maneuver this pit, create an HFO (hot free offer) also known as a “freebie” to your audience. Popular HFOs include guides, checklists, workbooks, trials, PDF downloads, and more. In exchange for valuable and useful information, you receive their contact information and they join your e-mail list. Win/Win. See example here.

With LinkedIn

Still unsure how LinkedIn doesn’t receive its rightful spot as the top social media platform. LinkedIn is a great place to establish yourself and your company as a thought-leader, while still providing opportunities to network with others. LinkedIn users have an annual salary much higher than Instagram users, meaning they probably have more money to spend on products and services. The most important element of LinkedIn is in fact its networking component that makes it easy to virtually meet some of the most unique individuals. Most people brush LinkedIn off because of its “suit and tie” feel but, LinkedIn provides the opportunity for you to spread information about your business through word of mouth without visiting a number of places. It takes the work out of snail mail, cold calling and pounding the pavement. [We probably showed our age with that one.]

With YouTube (Video Marketing)

YouTube is the #1 video-centric social media platform in the world. YouTube teaches us that video content is incredibly useful to everyone’s marketing strategy. Impact Brand reported of all internet consumer traffic, 80% is from internet video. That means you could convert a number of leads by simply using video. The biggest hurdle in creating video content is usually our own doubt. We tell ourselves 4-5 different things: My background isn’t pretty. I don’t look nice. I can’t edit video. I don’t know what to talk about. Silence the inner doubt and start one step at a time. Begin by crafting 26 video ideas. Then challenge you and your team to record one video per week using just an iPhone. It’ll give your confidence a burst and engage your audience.

With Podcasting

Podcasting is still relatively new in the digital marketing space but it’s a great way to establish yourself and your business as an expert in your industry. Like LinkedIn, the users have a higher annual salary than Instagram users. Outside of a plan and marketing strategy, producing a weekly podcast is incredibly easy to bring to fruition. Our team owns and produces The #StrategistJas Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Podcasts, Podbean, Soundcloud and Spotify. To get started, we earned a Doctorate over at YouTube University in podcasting. From recording to uploading, we learned everything using YouTube. Contrary to popular opinion, most believe podcasting is expensive to produce. Our only purchase to date has been the Samson Q2U at $60 on Amazon. Podcasting is almost as easy as social media marketing and, it is great content for your social media platforms.

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