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Not Sure You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur? Here Are 3 Lessons From A Former NFL Player Turned Entrepreneur

See how you can manufacture drive, build a great team, and prepare for forthcoming risk to build a thriving business you love!

Think you can’t be an entrepreneur? Don’t have what it takes? Not enough money or time? Think again. 

 Alonzo Pierce didn’t have any of those things and calls himself “an unlikely entrepreneur”. His story shows that anything is possible. He says, “If you want to achieve something, there is always a way.”

Pierce grew up in a single-parent home where he was tasked with raising four siblings and taking care of his mother, which he did by working three jobs throughout high school. It was his mother who instilled this in him, “Whatever your situation may look like, you get to choose whether you will give up or keep going. Every day you make the choice.” Pierce wants others who face similar challenges to know this and see his success story as one of hope for them, too. 

When we spoke, Pierce shared that, “If I wanted any chance at success or going to college, my siblings and I would all need scholarships. So I studied constantly, becoming top of my class and earning a full scholarship to Baylor University.” He went on to play in the NFL and today runs ISWH, a diversified holdings company where he works in a variety of disruptive industries like renewable energy, technology, and cryptocurrency.

How did he go from the NFL to successful business owner? Pierce shares his top 3 tips: 

1.   Drive creates success.

You can make yourself a go-getter,” he shares. “Success doesn’t come easily, but we all have the ability to drive ourselves towards it.” How? “It comes from within. Always ask yourself why you want what you want. Most entrepreneurs want freedom that a job can’t provide. Maybe you are seeking to advance the way people live, work, or play. Perhaps you are passionate about changing an industry or moving the needle on issues that matter, like the environment or human rights. That drive can come also from wanting a better life for yourself and your family, as did for me, especially after living in the Third Ward in Houston, TX. This are is known as one of the most dangerous areas in the country. I always dreamed big, even when others said that my aspirations were impossible. Writing down what drives you is a key first step to being an entrepreneur. What is your inspiration?”

2.   Success is a measurement of risk.

“As an entrepreneur, you need to be able to live with risks. But the risks need to be appropriately weighed. The potential after-effects of the risks should be considered long before deciding whether to take said risk or not. If there is a good chance that taking a risk might yield something wonderful for you and your company, then you should consider taking it. But it should be kept in mind that the potential downsides will fall on you if it backfires. Be prepared to take responsibility for your failures and learn to take pride in your successes. Having a business means you need a high risk tolerance, so be prepared for that.”

3.   Establish a team with like-minded people.

The best entrepreneurs have great teams, but a common problem you’ll face is miscommunication among you and your team members. Your vision does not necessarily have to be their vision. But it helps if the whole team is on the same page. If everyone does not agree, then there may be dissatisfaction. This might not seem like a problem, but it is the slight disagreement that leads to the downfall of companies. To avoid that, be careful whom you hire. Entrepreneurs underestimate the power of personality tests and other hiring techniques that are proven. Remember, you are only as strong as your team.”

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