Sunday, October 17, 2021


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How 8 Women Leaders in Franchising Are Overcoming the Industry's Greatest Challenge

From workforce shortages to changing minds in Washington, these women are pushing the franchise world forward. Source link

How To Be Helpful To A Coworker Dealing With A Mental Health Challenge

lead with empathy when trying to support to a coworker that might...

Melinda French Gates And MacKenzie Scott Award $40 Million To The Winners Of The Equality Can’t Wait Challenge

Members of New Mexico Community Capital & Native Women Lead, one of the four winners of...

How To Challenge Resistance To DEI Change

How to Challenge Resistance to DEI Change...

The Social Media Challenge (For Women Entrepreneurs that dream of being in the Media) — Queen Chioma

Today I’m giving you a mini Social Media Challenge! This is perfect for all the female entrepreneurs out there that would like to have...

Financial Spring Decluttering Challenge! – Your Financial Launchpad

Is there an area of your finances or your life where you’ve got some clutter happening? Like that bookshelf with a variety of heaven...

Time Management & Marketing a challenge in your business? Try this!

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