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WeWearCute, Ashley & Emma, Top TikTok Entertainers, Join Walmart On New Apparel Line

With 12 million followers and more than a billion views across their platforms, it’s fair to say sisters Ashley and Emma of We Wear Cute are social media superstars. They’re TikTok’s top consumer product creators. This dynamic lifestyle and product influencer duo have tapped into the kid demographic to the tune of 300M+ monthly views of their daily posts, which feature everything from super peppy toy reveals, craft tutorials, and taste tests to day-in-the-life clips highlighting the teens’ fashion and makeup stylings. 

What makes Ashley and Emma different from the millions of others vying for views on TikTok is that they aren’t your typical influencers; they are true entertainers. They’re not creating videos to keep up with the trends; they’re developing the trends based on what they think is fun and what makes them happy and believe their fans will enjoy. They use each other as inspiration and learn and grow in this fast-paced, ever-changing world of social media.

They’ve already had great success at Walmart with a SpinMaster activity & stationery line, a makeup line with Taste Beauty, and their Build A Bear line is sold out. Creating their line of clothing was a no-brainer next step. The TikTok superstars are used to the big time and recently announced a launch at the world’s largest retailer, Walmart. The mega retailer is currently carrying a new line of We Wear Cute, including tees, shorts, and other apparel items that Ash & Em think kids will love.

So how did two teenagers from New York build a Walmart-worthy brand before turning 20? Authentically, that’s how. Their bond with each other is natural, and they are genuinely joyous. This authenticity translates to their content, and kids can spot a phony a mile away, have responded accordingly. I recently sat down with Ashley and Emma to find out what makes them tick(tok).

Chan: What prompted you to create a TikTok channel?

Ashley & Emma: We love to do fun things together, crafts, DIY, pranks, toys, and comedy, you name it. We started on an app called Flipagram, and that’s where our love for video-making, content-making bloomed. And then we went over to TikTok, and it was just magic. It was a lot of fun, and it is our passion.

Chan: What inspires your content?

Ashley & Emma: Well, just the bond we have with each other. We love to do fun things. We love to make people laugh and make people happy, and that shines through. So that’s our main goal when we do things. Will this make someone happy? Will this make someone’s day brighter?

Chan: Which videos are the most fun to make?

Ashley & Emma: Honestly, everything is so much fun to make. We don’t look at what other people are doing, and we focus on what we want to do and what we enjoy, whether it’s tie-dye and clothing, or making fun crafts or pulling pranks. Food videos are always fun. Or food hacks!

Chan: Did you ever imagine that 12 million people would want to follow your content?

Ashley & Emma: It’s not something we ever thought would happen. It feels incredible but creating is our passion, and we do this because we love it, not for the fame or the followers. It just came naturally and was something we always wanted to do. We love doing it! And the fact that we can brighten so many people’s days makes it that much better for us.

Chan: How does it feel to be working with Walmart?

Emma & Ashley:  It’s a dream come true, and it was so much fun to work with the talented team at Mad Engine. Everything came out so much better than we ever could have expected. We can’t wait to have everyone else see it and enjoy it too. And we hope it makes everyone smile! 

Chan: Have you always had big ambitions?

Emma & Ashley:  We’ve always been driven by our creativity. We love to create, love to entertain, and have been so lucky to have this passion turn into something this big. We create content based on our likes, but with two of us, that means compromise sometimes, and it’s helped us form this incredible bond that inspires both of us daily.

Chan: What was the design and working process like with Walmart?  

Emma & Ashley: We had many big ideas, and Walmart and Mad Engine embraced our ideas and brought them to life. Seeing the process gave us a new appreciation of what goes into creating a product line and how many talented people helped to shape our vision so that we can bring smiles to everyone’s faces

Chan: How do you define yourselves? Are you influencers, or are you, fashion designers? If you had to give yourself a job title, what would it be?

Ashley & Emma: We don’t see ourselves as influencers; we see ourselves as entertainers. Our passion lies in creating content and watching people enjoy it. We want to create content that makes our fans happy. And we’re fortunate enough that we can do that.

Chan: What’s next for you two?

Emma & Ashley: We’re just living in the moment, enjoying where we are now! We have such big dreams, and now that we’re making them come true with this new line, we can’t wait to see what comes next.

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