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What communicating with my dog taught me about copycats and using my voice | Maya Elious

The two “people” I enjoy spending my time with most in this world are:

1. My 3-year-old niece Maizah
2. My 7-year-old dog Max #DogsArePeopleToo

I found Max on Craigslist as a stray about 6 years ago. His love language (like mine) is quality time and physical touch. He enjoys long hours of cuddling on the couch watching Hulu. Even though he was “lost” when I met him, it’s like I was specifically made for him.

When Max is misbehaving, I say his name in a very deep, drawn out tone.

When I’m ready to take him outside I say his name with a higher, quicker pitch.

When he’s walked off too far from me, I make a specific whistle-blowing sound that brings him back.

When I want him to come sit next to me, I make a unique kissy noise that he understands.

Max is very familiar with my voice because he hears it almost everyday.

For the past 18 months, Maizah has learned more about Max and what he answers to. They even have their own little relationship (even if she DID kind of have to force it).

But when Maizah copies my kissy noise, whistle blowing, or exact tone for calling Max’s name, he doesn’t listen. He can hear her, but it doesn’t prompt action.

It’s funny to watch because no matter how much she copies her Aunty Maya’s voice, Max doesn’t respond to it.

That’s exactly how things are in the online space. Whether someone’s voice matches yours coincidentally or someone blatantly copies your style, the person that you are ASSIGNED to will react to it.

Trust. Familiarity. Relationship. That’s what matters most. Not how pretty your Instagram feed is or how much your services cost.

Your unique voice is made to comfort, empower, and guide. You never have to be worried about your voice being louder than the next person. It will be heard by and helpful to the right ears.

But your voice can only reach the right people if it’s used. Someone out there is lost until you speak. Someone out there feels broken until they hear your voice. Someone out there is confused until you post that video or launch that product.

So I’m here to challenge you. Use your voice. Daily. Let your audience become familiar with your message. And the right ones will hear you, listen to you, and hire you.

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