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What’s Your Love Language? – Heartmade

How do you express love and affection? How do you feel the most loved and appreciated?

I remember that one time I thought I was crushing it by getting David a new surfboard for his birthday. Got the color + the measurements + the style… all wrong. Apparently my man hates surprises . But with some trial n error, I discovered that the way to win his heart is through sexy talk + lot’s of touch (and ass grabbin’ 😜) + making cookbook-worthy meals, not gifts.

I feel the most loved when David takes the time to orchestrate something special. Effort is my highest form of currency. Bonus point if there is sweat involved, and a hand written note. On the other hand, asking my mother in law to help buy my Christmas presents or go to the mall the day of (even if you get me a brand new computer or a Ferrari), is the quickest way to the doggie house.

And then you got Oli, forget the safety blanket, this lil’ cuddling monster can’t fall asleep with squishing someone’s elbows for 23 minutes.

In today’s episode I talk about love languages. Let’s see which one sounds more like you.

POLL: So, what’s your love language?

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