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Woman Goes Viral After Hilarious Cake Mishap at Walmart

Sometimes, when you’re ordering a customized item it pays to be very specific about what you want done — other times, if taken too literally, it does not.

Such was the case for a Chicago area-based woman Peyton Chimack who went viral on TikTok after posting a cake she ordered from her local Walmart.

In the post that’s been viewed over 703,000 times, Chimack shows an inspirational cake that she wanted for her birthday, noting that she asked the retailer to write “Aries Baby” in black on a white cake and to make the writing “small, cursive, and in the middle of the cake” like this example:

(Tiktok via Peyton Chimack)

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However, the cake decorator took Chimack’s directions quite literally and wrote on the cake “(small, cursive, middle of cake)” in large black lettering under where it said “Aries Baby.”

(Tiktok via Peyton Chimack)

“When I tell you my mouth dropped when I got in the car and opened up the cake,” she wrote.

Chimack told Today that she went back inside to point out the mistake to the cake decorator. She was on break, but the butcher working at the store got a good laugh out of it. When the cake decorator returned, Chimack told Today, “[S]he was kind of confused about what she did wrong. She didn’t realize she put the instructions on the page, she thought that’s how I wanted it.”

Viewers of her post were in stitches over the erroneous cake decor.

“I NEED to know what goes through people’s heads while they are actively piping on what is clearly a note,” one viewer wrote. “Are they really just like ‘Yep, perfect, no concerns whatsoever!'”

“This is better than getting what you originally wanted,” another pointed out. “You can look back at it anytime and just laugh.”

Chimack eventually had the cake fixed and shared the result with viewers in a follow-up video.

@peychimack Replying to @v ♬ Saturn X Slow Dancing In The Dark – reavesaudios

“She did the best she could,” Chimack wrote in the caption.

Walmart did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur’s request for comment.

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