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3 Reasons You’re Struggling To Change Careers

Whether you’re ready to transition into a new career entirely or simply want to take your talents and expertise into a new industry, changing your career can be daunting. Even just admitting to yourself that you’re ready for something new and figuring out what that next step looks like is hard enough. So, actually getting hired for a role that’s out of your element and comfort zone can feel like an uphill battle.

But, having helped high-achieving corporate professionals pivot from finance to marketing, PR to HR, banking to oil and gas, consulting back to engineering, and many other career changes, I can confidently say it’s not impossible to successfully change careers, and you don’t have to start over to make it happen either.

However, here are three reasons you might be struggling to change your career:

You’re not connecting the dots.

If your resume and LinkedIn profile fail to show even the slightest hint that you’re interested in your desired role or industry, then you’re not connecting the dots for recruiters and hiring managers. This is one of the reasons many career changers end up feeling frustrated that recruiters keep reaching out to them for jobs they no longer want.

But, it’s not because you’re incapable of changing careers. It’s more likely because recruiters don’t even know you want to do something new. You have to show that you’re ready to pivot. If not, you’ll keep having the wrong recruiters reach out to you on LinkedIn. Plus, when you do apply for roles you want, hiring managers will likely assume you don’t have the necessary skills to succeed in that role or industry because you’re not connecting the dots for them.

You’re not showing proof.

Even if you are good at the next role you desire, if you don’t show any proof or evidence, then you’re not going to be convincing enough to hire. For example, let’s say you’re ready to transition from sales to marketing. Maybe you’ve even worked closely with the marketing team and have informally offered marketing strategies and insights that have made a difference. If that’s not clear when recruiters read your resume, then they’re likely going to think you don’t have any relevant experience and pass on your application. The best-case scenario is that you change careers, but you have to take a step back or start over to do so.

If you want to avoid that, you have to show how your experience aligns and you need to provide clear examples so that recruiters and hiring managers see that you can excel in the roles you desire. 

You’re not exuding confidence and trust. 

If you’re getting interviews in the industry you’d like to move into next, that’s a good sign that you’re connecting the dots and showing enough proof to spark interest in recruiters and hiring managers. But, if you’re not getting hired after those interviews, it’s likely because you’re still leaving the interviewer guessing about if you can succeed in the role or industry you desire.

Sure, you might know that you’re up for the challenge, but if there’s still a part of you that’s doubtful or worried that your experience is not good enough, then that’s probably causing you to come across uncertain about yourself in your interviews. Of course, sharing examples and stories are good, but they will only get you so far. If you’re not confident about your skills and experience, then hiring managers will have a hard time choosing you as their top choice to hire. 

Knowing how to connect the dots, show proof, and exude confidence and trust when changing careers can make all the difference between successfully landing a new and better role in a different industry or staying stuck in the same position and industry you no longer love. If you’ve been having a hard time pivoting your career, take a look at your approach and make the necessary adjustments to show companies that you can excel in the role and industry you desire, not despite your experience but because of it.

Adunola Adeshola coaches high-achievers on how to take their careers to the next level and secure the positions they’ve been chasing. Grab her free guide.

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