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7 Powerful Ways to Grow your Business in 2020 — Queen Chioma

Wow this is my first blog post of 2020, so happy new year, happy February and welcome to my birth month!

Can you believe that 2020 is going so fast? We just had Valentine’s Day a few days ago, and now we are pretty much 10 days away from my birthday yayyy!

One of the goals that I have for 2020 is to skyrocket my business and take everything that I am doing to the next level.

If you are looking for a burst of inspiration and some motivation to take your business to new heights too then this post is for you! I’ve got you covered.

1) Strengthen your Body: 

New York Times best selling Author Rachel Hollis ran a 90 day challenge in the lead up to Christmas which was really inspiring. One of the daily activities that she suggested was movement. She encouraged us to move our bodies whether that meant doing something full on like aerobics, going for a run or going for a walk. I totally love this as there is so much scientific evidence and research that’s been done over the years in the medical world that truly indicates that exercise is vital andessential for our well-being. If we want healthy businesses we’ve got be fit and healthy to meet the challenges and demands. So be sure to make exercise and healthy eating a priority.

2) Pray for Growth:

One of the ways that I truly love to grow my business is by having simply child like faith in God. I love asking Him to bless my business and help me to do what I can’t do. I pray for ideas, I pray for strength, I pray to receive wonderful clients, I pray for wisdom and for confidence to go out there and make a bigger impact and to change lives online and offline. The bible is full of encouraging scriptures that I love to also meditate on to build my faith to expect bigger things in my business and life. 

3) Expect Good Things to Happen:

Raising your expectancy is one of the best things that you can do to achieve your amazing business dreams, goals and aspirations in 2020. Dream big, believe that you can achieve the impossible. Have faith. Set bigger goals, become more ambitious. If you want to make £100,000 or $500,000 in your business in 2020 believe that you can, create a plan for financial success and for business expansion and work on your plan effectively. Terri Savelle Foy International Speaker, TV Host and Christian Best-Selling Author shares powerful keys for success (regularly) in her books, on stage and in her YouTube videos. One of her powerful messages is this ‘Make your dreams bigger than your memories’ sometimes we dwell too much on the past, we think about  what didn’t work out, the setbacks and the struggles and we forget to focus on where we are going.

4) Create Powerful Content:

In the entrepreneur space one the sayings that you will hear people say often is ‘content is king’ I truly believe this with everything in my being. Content can include: blog posts, v-logs, sending out a weekly newsletter, inspirational photos, how to videos, webinars, live-streaming, posting uplifting messages on Facebook, sharing your gifts and talents on camera, podcasting, showing up on Instagram stories and the list goes on. Great content can help you to attract clients, sales, brand collaboration opportunities, media opportunities, speaking gigs and so much more. However it’s not enough to create good content you also need to be consistent. 

5) Consistency is the Key:

One of my favourite content creators is Amy Porterfield, I’m a big fan of her podcast show ‘Online Marketing Made Easy’. I just love how Amy creates top notch content and how consistent she is at posting new episodes every week. I’ve literally listen to her show every week (this whole year of 2019) and sometimes I even tune in daily (as I enjoy listening to older episodes too). This is an example of the power of consistency. Showing up powerfully and regularly is one of the most nourishing ways to attract super fans, loyal customers, repeat sales as consistency creates that ’know’, ’like’ and ’trust factor’.

6) Batch your Content:

You might have looked at my last tip and thought I’d love to be consistent but ‘How can I be consistent when I have a million business activities to focus on?’. Great question. One of the best ways to increase your consistency is to batch your content. Marie Forleo award winning Host of Marie TV and New York Times Best Selling Author once shared that she films several episodes of Marie TV at the studio, meaning that she doesn’t film one episode at a time with her production crew, she batches her episodes. So many other Entrepreneurs and YouTube Stars do the same, this includes: Amy Landino and Sunny Lenarduzzi who have both shared the amazing benefits of batching i.e. You can create months of content in advance and save time.

7) Schedule Things in:

One of the scheduling tools that I love using in my business is Calendly. It’s such an effective tool that makes it easy for my potential clients, potential podcast guests and coaching clients to book in calls (or interview slots) with me. I simply send them a link to my calendar and they can book in a strategy call, a discovery call, a podcast interview slot, or a coaching call. This method is more professional than spending countless time going back and forth on messenger trying to find the perfect time and date to chat with a potential client (especially with all the time zone differences). I also love scheduling some of my posts on Social Media. This includes using the Facebook scheduling tool to schedule posts into my Facebook group along with using the Buffer app to schedule some of my Tweets on Twitter. However, I don’t schedule in all of my posts as that would be too robotic. Showing up in real time is also important too. 

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