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Consistency with Your Brand – ‘Don’t Go Changing’ by Dawn Jordan Jones

You have your
product or service and you have settled with your brand voice and message.  You are ready to launch into the ‘deep’ and
release it to the public.
  Now what? 

Branding is
the beginning of cementing your product or service in the place of your future
consumers, customers, or clients.  The
next steps require consistency in your branding and marketing.  Consistency is important because it allows
your tribe to know what they will always receive from you.  It is similar to going to certain fried chicken
franchises and knowing that the 11 herbs and spices won’t change in the
seasoning for the chicken.  If it
changes, it changes what the public is expecting and there is no way to ruin a
brand faster than making changes in products or services that have helped it
achieve greatness. 

builds trust with your consumers.
A leading coffee store chain has had a similar logo and color scheme
since its inception.  They are known
for the logo so much that other companies try to make similar logos (and I am
sure that cease and desist letters come their way!).  Over the years, there have been slight tweaks
to the logo, but it is still the mermaid in the circle.  When you see it, you know that it is their
brand.  You know it is the taste and the
pricing they are known for in the marketplace. 
What would happen if they decided to change the logo or remove their classic
Pike Place blend?  For this particular
company, I’m sure they would overcome the adjustment, but not without coffee
lovers wondering what and why the change. 

allows you to measure performance and improve results. 
Once you are consistent with
your brand you can see what’s working and what’s not.  You are able to see how certain items work in
marketing, what wording appeals to your tribe and what items draw their
attention.  Once you gather this data,
you are able to make adjustments to your plan and improve the results in order
to deliver what your tribe desires. 

creates accountability.
As you are consistent in your
brand message and delivery, your tribe will let you know when you step out of
line. I grew up near a midwestern town that was home to a local potato chip
company.  They are my favorite chips and
even though I’ve been gone from my hometown for over 25 years, I still get the
chips when I go home and sometimes I order them to be shipped to me (yes, I’ve
got it bad for those chips.).  A few
years ago, when the government moved toward eliminating trans fat from cooking
oil, the company had to make changes to its cooking processes.  Unfortunately, the first few changes didn’t
go over so well and the consumers – including me – let the company know
it.  They continued to ‘tinker with the
recipe until they finally got the right flavor ‘back’.  When you make changes, you can expect your
loyal tribe to let you know.  They know
what they like and when it changes (not the Oreos offering Golden Oreos
change), you will hear from them loud and clear. 

with your brand allows your tribe to know what they are getting from you.  It offers the pathway to build trust with
your consumers as well as to measure the performance and improve your results.  Finally, consistency creates accountability
with your tribe and they will let you know when you are off.  Be consistent with your brand and don’t go
changing.  Your tribe will thank you for

Dawn Jordan
Jones is CEO of 29Eleven Media, LLC who assists businesses and ministries
market their truth and attract the people they are called to serve through
branding, marketing, web design, graphic design, and social media



Branding you

Metadescription:  Brand consistency assists in building trust
with your consumers, allows you to measure performance and improve results and
creates accountability with your tribe.      

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