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DiversityComm Magazine Unveils Special Black History Issue, Featuring “The One & Only” Tyler Perry, Hitting Digital and Print Newsstands on February 1, 2024

IRVINE, CA (Feb. 1, 2024) – DiversityComm Magazine, one of America’s top diversity-focused publications, is thrilled to announce the release of its upcoming issue, slated to hit digital and print newsstands on February 1, 2024.  As a bonus preview, the magazine is honored to feature “The One & Only” Tyler Perry as the cover story, providing readers with an exclusive glimpse into the life and achievements of this iconic figure. Furthermore, DiversityComm Magazine is excited to announce that it has been named the top diversity magazine by Google, solidifying its position as a leading advocate for diversity and inclusivity.

While this issue pays tribute to Black History, DiversityComm Magazine reaffirms its commitment to representing all voices. Readers can explore articles dedicated to various minority groups, including Hispanics & Latinx, multi-cultural Women, AAPI, Native Origins, Veterans and People with Disabilities. With a promise that there’s “something for everyone” in this issue, the magazine showcases the most fascinating people making a difference across diverse communities.

With a steadfast commitment to spotlighting diverse voices, trends and issues, DiversityComm Magazine also provides career, education and business opportunities. This issue includes a special focus on Black History, featuring compelling articles that capture the essence of the Black experience and achievements. 

Some of the highlights from this not-to-be-missed edition include:

  1. Leveling the Field for Black-Owned Businesses: An insightful exploration into initiatives and strategies aimed at empowering and advancing Black-owned businesses.
  2. Top HBCUs: A comprehensive guide to the top Historically Black Colleges and Universities, showcasing their impact on education and community.
  3. “I’m a Black Woman, Mother of Four and a Millionaire—Here’s My #1 Piece of Advice!”: A candid and empowering interview with a successful Black woman, sharing valuable insights and advice for others aspiring to achieve their goals.
  4. 2024 Top Black Employers: Discover the most anticipated list of top Black employers for 2024, providing valuable information for job seekers.
  5. HOT JOBS Page: Explore job opportunities with companies actively seeking diverse talent. Don’t miss out on the chance to connect with employers who value diversity in the workplace.
  6. Celebrating Black Excellence: A showcase of extraordinary achievements and contributions made by Black individuals across various fields.
  7. Strategies in Hiring and Retaining Diverse Employees: An in-depth analysis of effective strategies for organizations to foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  8. Can a Good Night’s Sleep Help Your Heart?: An exploration into the connection between quality sleep and heart health, with a focus on its impact within the Black community.
  9. Finding Student Loan Forgiveness: Practical insights and advice on navigating student loan forgiveness programs, addressing a crucial concern for many.

DiversityComm Magazine invites readers to delve into these thought-provoking articles and celebrate the rich tapestry of diversity, excellence and achievement. The magazine continues its mission to promote inclusivity, providing a platform for voices that deserve to be heard.

Don’t miss out on the release of this impactful issue on February 1, 2024, available on digital newsstands and in print. Stay connected with DiversityComm Magazine for a journey through stories that inspire, inform and embrace diversity.

About DiversityComm Magazine: DiversityComm Magazine is a leading publication dedicated to promoting diversity, inclusivity and equal opportunity. Through insightful articles, features and interviews, the magazine highlights the achievements and contributions of diverse communities, fostering a platform for meaningful dialogue and understanding. For more information, visit 

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