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Penn Becomes First Ivy League to Offer a Degree in AI

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Beginning fall 2024, students at the University of Pennsylvania will have the opportunity to pursue a major in Artificial Intelligence (AI), marking a pioneering move among Ivy League institutions.

Penn unveiled its new AI program, named the Raj and Neera Singh Program in Artificial Intelligence after the proprietors of Telcom Ventures, LLC, on Tuesday. This initiative stands as the first of its kind among the Ivy League universities.

Enrollment for the program will commence this fall, allowing current Penn students to transfer into it. Prospective students aiming for the fall 2025 term will also have the option to apply directly to the program.

J. Larry Jameson, Penn’s Interim President, emphasized the significance of data, including AI, within the university’s strategic framework. He stated, “This new degree program represents a leap forward for the Penn engineers who will lead in developing and deploying these powerful technologies in service to humanity.”

The Bachelor of Science in AI (BSE in AI) will feature courses covering machine learning, computing algorithms, data analytics, and advanced robotics. With a current offering of 59 AI-specific courses, including 31 elective options, the program is well-equipped to cater to diverse interests.

Electives range from topics like autonomous racing cars to human-computer interaction and brain-computer interfaces. Students will also be required to choose a concentration in machine learning, vision and language, data and society, robotics, or AI and health systems.

Penn’s introduction of an undergraduate degree in AI engineering distinguishes it not only as the first Ivy League institution to do so but also as a trailblazer in the field. While other schools offer related programs, most do not present AI as an undergraduate major, and none have established an engineering program specifically focused on AI.

Carnegie Mellon University initiated one of the earliest AI undergraduate programs in 2018. However, their program focuses on AI computing, which differs from Penn’s engineering-oriented approach.

Find out more about the program at Penn Engineering, University of Penn.

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