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The Mother-Daughter Designer Duo Behind Colombian Luxury Label Silvia Tcherassi

It’s no surprise that mother-daughter relationships have their many challenges. After all, it’s the person you live, travel, talk and eat with and, quite honestly, know you better than anyone else, which we all know has its ups and downs. Now add running a fashion business together to that list! This mother-daughter designer duo gives us the inside scoop on how they manage to do just that. 

Trailblazer, designer and trendsetter, Silvia Tcherassi is one of the leading figures in fashion. Born in Colombia, Silvia begun her career as an interior designer, her search for new artistic expressions led her into fashion. As the author of Effortless Elegance, her style approach, from fashion to hospitality, makes Silvia one of the most recognized voices in the industry today.

Silvia Tcherassi’s eponymous label blends traditional Colombian craftsmanship with modern design to tell a unique and unexpected story that enchants and surprises all at once. In a true fairytale manner, Silvia’s daughter, Sofia Tcherassi, entered the family business during the pandemic year as the Director of Ready-to-Wear after receiving her degree at Parsons School of Design and several experiences working with iconic fashion labels such as Gabriela Hearst, Oscar de la Renta, and The Row. 

Sofia Tcherassi was (literally) born into the fashion world. Just two weeks before her birth, her mother, Silvia, received an award from the well-respected Colombian publication Semana. Sofia was right there on stage with her mother to receive the award- one of the very early essential milestones in the brand’s journey. Fast forward six years, and the mother-daughter duo traveled across the globe together every year to Italy, where Silvia taught Sofia all about the fabric design and production process. Even though Silvia had encouraged her daughter to explore and choose other career options in life, she always knew that Silvia has the creative genes to be in the fashion business. Silvia recalls how the young Sofia ran around the Italian fabric mills, mixing different fabric colors, textures, and patterns to create interesting designs.

For them, family is the basis of everything they do, both personal and professional. The duo respects each other as their individual, creating their paths, and devotes themselves to the family business. That commitment fuels them to contribute their best to this ongoing legacy while also growing and thriving into their journeys. 

“Mutual respect for each other’s opinions is the key and listening to Sofia’s new ideas is exciting for me. She inspires me from a younger consumer’s perspective,” said Silvia.

“With the pandemic, we are living together again, and we were able to show each other infinite affection and much-needed support. It has been a period of reflection that has allowed us to make smart choices for the future. Starting my role here during the pandemic also allowed me to learn and achieve through many obstacles. We know that we will always be able to support and care for each other, and our family is even closer than ever,” said Sofia. 

When asked what Sofia admires and respects most about her mother, she said, “With my mother, I have the same conversations I would talk with a friend; we tell each other everything, and it’s her work ethics and creativity that I admire most. Just look at how she re-invented the mochila bags and helped the indigenous Wayuu women community of the Guajira region in Colombia.” Silvia redefined the Colombian mochila bag into a modern luxury piece made with lace, silk and embellished with Swarovski crystals that adored by stylish women worldwide, such as Sofia Vergara, Lauren Santo Domingo, and Martha Stewart.

Silvia is the creator, and Sofia is the innovator with a data analytic mind. The well-balanced gift of left and right-brain thinking, creative talent, mutual admiration, and respect set the tone of their success in this dynamic mother and daughter team.

About the Brand:

Founded in 1987, Silvia Tcherassi is a luxury lifestyle brand known for its timeless and innovative style. The brand blends tradition and modernity, embodied in exclusive pieces and limited editions adored by fashion lovers worldwide. Tcherassi was named a chevalier (knight) of the French government’s Ordre des Arts et des Lettres and is the author of the bestseller Elegancia Sin Esfuerzo (Effortless Elegance) published by Random House. The Tcherassi Collection is available in 15 namesake boutiques, fine luxury retailers, and online channels worldwide.

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