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1st Trimester Pregnancy Must-Haves — Books, Vitamins, Food, and More!

Books + Courses

The Positive Birth Company —  Hypnobirthing Course (Digital Pack): 

As soon as I learned about hypnobirthing I was intrigued! No, it’s not giving birth while hypnotized, and it’s not as weird as it may sound. It’s all about getting relaxed and breathing techniques for birth (especially natural births). I’ve really enjoyed the course so far. It’s high quality content, and the teacher’s voice is so soothing to me. If you’re planning a natural birth, I’d recommend this one for sure! Plus, it’s a great price — just $39! Shop it here! 

Mama Natural Pregnancy Week by Week Book: 

If you only buy one pregnancy book, buy THIS ONE. Adam and I are reading it together. It breaks down what you need to know about pregnancy and birth into an easy to digest, week by week format. The content feels approachable and fun, and there is literally zero shaming involved like some other week by week books I’ve seen. This book is definitely focused on mamas doing natural childbirth, but would benefit anyone I think! I’m also super excited to get these Pregnancy Affirmation Cards, but they are actually included in the Mama Natural Birth course, which I’ll be buying soon too! (You can buy the Mama Natural book at Target here!)

Dear Baby Prayer Book from Duncan & Stone Paper Co: 

This is a week by week pregnancy prayer book with scripture and prompts to pray for your baby each week. This book has guided me to go ahead and start praying for my child’s faith life, their friendships, that they will know Jesus and so much more. Plus, it’s a beautiful keepsake, and you and your spouse can both write in it. Adam and I take turns week to week! 

Promptly Pregnancy to 18 Years Old Journal: 

This is an amazing keepsake book that I hope to give to my baby someday when they’re all grown up! It starts all the way at pregnancy (just recording details about each trimester) and goes through 18 years of their life. I love all the prompts and there are spots for photos too. If you’re pregnant and starting on the journaling train a little late, this will still work! I am starting this journal at 14 weeks! Shop it on Amazon here! 

Ina May Guide to Childbirth Book:

Let me just say… this book is kinda hippie, but not as hippie as everyone says, and I’m loving it. The first half is birth stories (most of which I’ve skipped over), and then the second half is all about natural childbirth. Not sure if I’ll read the whole thing, but I am gaining a lot from what I have read! 


Plan to still do… 

Mama Natural’s Birth Course 

Classes at my birth center  

Will probably read more books too, and I’ll add those to my 2nd trimester blog post! 

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